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Derwydd Bueno's AkupanaLease

ARI# 30033825   D.O.B. 10/5/2005  (13 yrs)

Huacaya, Male, Proven | Medium Fawn

Full Peruvian
Sire: Peruvian Bueno G173 | ARI# 117889  | White 
Dam: Derwydd Luciano's Peruvian Cungasca | ARI# 840057  | True Black 

Derywdd is opening a new line of herdsires titled "The Derwydd Affordables! These are males with impeccable pedigrees, very correct conformation, excellent fleece characteristics - but not quite the big show record or not quite enough crias on the ground with winning show records to justify a large breeding fee or we just want to make them available at a good price. These males will have their breeding prices set in the $500 to $750 range (discounts for drive-bys) They are targeted for breeders on a tight budget that still want excellence in the breeding male. If you are looking for an 'Affordable Breeding' then check these males out!

His cria are fantastic AND in fawn, brown & BLACK!! and NOW Color Champions - His first cria went Champion at California Classic 2009 and Reserve at AlpacaFest West 2009! And another stunning black girl took Champion at California Classic 20011!! Hows about THAT for progeny power!

We are thrilled to announce that Washoe Valley Alpacas and Alpacas All Around are going to SHARE our herdsire, Bueno's Akupana!! We welcome them as co-owners of Akupana and look forward to a long relationship with LOTS of wonderful crias!

Cast in his sires image, but fawn with black genetics (his dam is black, and FINE). We think that Akupana will be adding another round of depth to the Derwydd herdsires that carry fine fleeces and black genetics! And boy is the proof in the Fiber stats.. 6 years old and still only 223.78! CF 91!! Now THAT is some genetic retained fineness!!!

Legs like tree stumps, Beautiful Head, low amplitude, high frequency crimp, dense, dense dense.. yearling micron in the 17s, 18mo micron 19. Another son in the Cucurucho line, 4x Color champ dam, VERY famous father, and heck look at what his 1/2 brother Snowmass Casanova has done.. all this and he covers black. WOW.. Call Derwydd today for more info, fleece samples, book a breeding today!
Akupana is available at Derwydd in the spring. If you would like to book a breeding in Summer or Fall, please contact our partners!

Co-owned with:
Alpacas All Around; Fall
Washoe Valley Alpacas; Summer

Fiber Statistics - we are starting to see retained fineness here!!
2011 23.7 AD 5.0 CV 21.2 CF 91.5 TTL Shear Weight 9.2 lbs
2009: AFD 21.8 SD 4.7 CV 21.4 CF 94.8 TTL Shear Weight 7.6 lbs
2008: AFD 22.1 SD 4.7 CV 21.1 CF 93 Curve 49 TTL Shear weight 7.5 lbs
2007: AFD 19.1 SD 4.2 CV 22.1 CF 97
2006: AFD 17.9 SD 4.1 CV 22.9 CF 96 Curve 39

Progeny Awards
Derwydd Akupana's Qillita
Color Champion Fleece AlpacaMania 2010
Color Champion Fleece Alpacapalooa 2011
Color Champion California Classic 2010
Color Champion California Classic 2009
Color Champion SWRAS 2010
Reserve Color Champ AFW 2009

AA Allround Coaleen
Color Champion California Classic 2011

Derwydd Riti Hukmani
1st Place Dixon Fleece Show 2009


1st Place Yearling - 2007 Monterey Pronk
1st Place 2 Year Old - 2007 AlpacaFest West
2nd Place Juvenile – 2006 AlpacaFest West
3rd Place (A) Fleece – 2006 AlpacaMania
3rd Place Juvenile – 2006 AlpacaMania Halter
3rd Place (A) Fleece – 2006 Monterey Pronk
3rd Place Bred & Owned Yearling 2007 Monterey Pronk
4th Place Monterey Pronk Halter 2006
4th Place AlpacaMania Halter 2007
5th Place AlpacaFest West Fleece 2006
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Updated 8/26/2011